Nov 18, 2018

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Vital Information Regarding Silver Coins

If you really like variety in one ounce silver coins, try collecting 1 ounce silver world coins. Many countries around the world have struck examples of these coins. Finding exceptional specimens of all these issues will reward you with a lifetime hunt. There are very few uncirculated versions of foreign coins, because they were so heavily circulated. If you want a collection that is less ambitious, you can start with collecting by country. There is considerable information in the K & M manuals on silver coins from all countries. You can narrow your focus by finding countries that interest you.

You can also find common denominators that make coins of different countries have a common theme. If you stick to silver 1 ounce coins, it is interesting to discover how many different names exist for them. There are countries such as Canada not mentioned here, because they didn’t mint a 1 ounce silver dollar size coin made to the same specifications of containing at least 25 grams of 90 % silver in them. Again, this list isn’t comprehensive.

Foreign silver dollar size coins tend to be much less expensive than their American counterparts. That makes collecting foreign silver coins much more affordable than collecting rare American silver coins. World silver coins are affordable, because there’s much less competition for them. This translates to much less profit when you go to sell. They are inexpensive to buy, but not greatly profitable if you sell them very soon.

The biggest problem I find with world coins is that it’s really difficult to find uncirculated or almost uncirculated examples of them. This can make collecting high grade versions pretty challenging. Not as many foreign silver coins sat around uncirculated in bank vaults, as the silver for redeeming silver certificates as in the US. Information on world silver coins was completely unavailable until Krause and Mishler wrote the “Standard Catalog of World Coins”. This is also referred to as the K&M Manual. They are very complete in their information, except for their prices.